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If you’re not in touch, who else is getting the business?


Bearing lockdown in mind, it’s not the easiest to contact people right now; so many are working from home, working reduced hours, even covering other responsibilities.  And though the importance of communication is topical, it’s still ‘not very British’ to call people up, to contact them out of the blue, to get back in touch when maybe it could be a tad awkward… but don’t you just love it when someone does?  It may be unexpected, but it’s a nice surprise, it feels a little bit special… and in business, it can win you a whole load of extra orders too.

So, are you keeping in touch?


And if not, why not?  We’ve noticed we’re getting more contact from suppliers; perhaps it’s happened to you too?  None of them offended us, it was genuinely lovely to hear from some (people buy from people!) and we have spent money with some of them too. 

They took the time to think about us….

…which we appreciate.  It puts them ahead of their competitors when we’re making a buying decision.  So, how could you put yourself ahead too?


1. Show you value your current customers…

It’s so simple, it can cost nothing, but a great big ‘thank you’ is a surprisingly effective technique for generating more sales.  You could simply say ‘thank you’ after every order, but why miss out on the opportunity to ask for feedback, gather testimonials and generate more sales?  It all comes down to how you keep in touch.

2. Reactivate your dormant accounts…

Contacting a past customer can be daunting, so don’t make this the hard sell – it’s not productive if neither of you enjoy it! So call them to say hello and simply catch up with what’s going on.  If you’re uncomfortable phoning, then write to them, email them, even send them a postcard; but have a system, a format and a programme to keep your contacts going, working towards that all important purchase.

3. Follow-up your lead bank…

80% of sales are made after at least 5 sales calls (and other touches in-between calls too), but only 10% of salespeople call more than 3 times.  So don’t assume they’re “bound to have bought something by now”; get those leads out of the desk drawer and get back on their case!  You can check-in, check out where they are in their buying cycle, and keep in touch more than your competitors do.

And it may seem obvious, but I’ll say it anyway… try to avoid giving the impression that business is too slow.  Right now, your customers and prospects may be hesitant; they need to have confidence that their supplier is stable and dependable, despite the effects of lockdown and the pandemic.

Another obvious factor is that – with people away from their desks – the phone may not be the best route to get in touch.  So in the next two weeks we’ll be looking at digital marketing techniques: how you can use email marketing and social media to best effect, when the volumes of messages and posts are as high as they are at present.

In the meantime, if you’d like some help to make sure you’re getting your marketing comms just right, simply ask!  We’re here to help you every step of the way. Why not grab a coffee and check out Your Juicy Lead Generator packed full with easy to digest bite-sized nuggets of marketing wisdom for you! 




Until next time… why not set yourself the goal to contact 10 people from your past in the next week?  Until you go looking for it, you’ll never know what business is out there waiting for you!



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