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​All the big names have been at it recently. From Pandora to BT to Volkswagen and many in between; big branding changes have been going on left, right and centre this year.


But how do you know when it’s the right time for you to rebrand?  Here are some great reasons why you might decide to spice things up a bit:


  1. The times are a’changing and so must you! It’s important to stay relevant to your customers in a modern world of rapid change. If you don’t keep up, your competitors – and customers – can leave you trailing behind.
  2. Your business is expanding or moving in a new direction. If it is, why not showcase your exciting new developments with a rebrand? Even a small tweak can be enough… a colour change, merchandising shake-up, snazzy new uniform… they all help you get your business noticed.
  3. It feels like you’ve ‘lost’ your way. It’s easy to fall into a rut. So if you’ve lost sight of your mission, or where your most profitable markets are (and could be), or what customers really want from you, then it’s time to reassess. A rebrand is a great way to reposition and reconnect with your customers.
  4. You’re worried about negative perceptions. Stuff happens! And it may not be fair, but perceptions really do matter and can have a significant impact on your business. A well-planned and managed rebrand can help you minimise those negative connotations and give your business a fresh start.
  5. You’re just a little bit ‘tired’ of your brand. However much you try, you simply can’t do your brand justice if you’re not feeling ‘the love’ anymore. If you don’t love it, how can you persuade your customers to? A rebrand which refreshes and reignites your passion might just do the trick!

One of the biggest branding trends this year has been neo-minimalism. Heaps of big names have really simplified their branding…


So, let’s take a look at just a few…

Volkswagen has rebranded to bring the company into a “new era” and leave the 2015 emissions scandal in the past (mmm… point 4 above!) This logo update is the 10th iteration since 1937. Completely simplified, without the shadows and 3D styling of its predecessor, the new simplistic logo is digital friendly and comes with VW’s promise to focus more on people than products.  It’s actually very similar to some of the far older logos! But then that’s design trends for you, they come round time and time again.

The BT logo has undergone a number of revamps over the years. I remember seeing the first of these three on my uncle’s van in the early 00s – doesn’t it look dated now? The ‘connected world’ logo has been used for the last 13 years. Earlier this year BT unveiled its simplified new look. It’s been slated on Twitter, with users tweeting that they could have created it in Microsoft Word in no time at all. Sure, it’s simple, but it allows BT to streamline its brands under one big corporate umbrella, and it keeps the colours of the previous logo which helps with continuity and recognition.

Discovery has also opted for sleek and simple. The colourful, photorealistic Earth has been replaced by an elegant monotone globe sitting quietly in the letter D. The new sans-serif font is bolder and punchier; and the D can easily be used as a standalone logo. Although we’re partial to a bit of colour here at Juicy, there’s no denying that Discovery’s new monotone logo is more sophisticated and easier to use across various platforms.

Pandora has also rebranded in 2019 as a means to reposition. Pandora admits its focus had drifted away from its original purpose and from what customers really wanted; the new direction gives a voice to people’s loves. Updating the logo and monogram ever so slightly has brought Pandora up to date. The website is more user-friendly, and stores will be refurbished to make them more modern and give customers a better shopping experience. We’ll be keeping an eye on how Pandora’s rebrand helps the jewellery giant perform in the next few years, but so far there seems to be a real excitement and positivity surrounding its relaunch.

So, what should you do when you rebrand? Read on for our top tips…


You need to be clear about WHY you’re rebranding. Yes, it should look good, but it needs to convey the right messages too… so what do you want your brand to say about your company? Whether you decide on a quick refresh – a subtle change to your logo or packaging perhaps? – or a complete rebrand, good ‘groundwork’ helps you maximise your investment and achieve the results you’re looking for.


  1. Consider your mission, vision and values – are your choices in line with what you stand for as a brand; do they reflect how you like to do business? Because that way, your changes which will make sense to your customers.
  2. Analyse what to keep and what to discard – keeping some elements helps with continuity: it could be the colours, the shapes, the iconography; and typically, the company name stays!
  3. Check out the competition – what are your competitors up to and what’s working for them? Take a look at the latest trends in branding and what’s happening in your markets. Then choose the best bits which will work for you and your customers.
  4. Outsource – if you’re lacking the time or know-how to get this right, then outsourcing to a team of specialists might be the answer (ahem, did someone say Juicy Marketing…?) You’ll get branding specialists who know exactly what they’re doing and it’s much less stressful for you!
  5. Shout it loud and proud – you’ve rebranded, now get it out there! Telling your customers why and how you’ve updated your brand will prevent confusion when they come across your changes. It also makes them feel more ‘included’, which helps strengthen brand loyalty.

Our best advice; don’t do a Tropicana!

Tropicana didn’t do enough research prior to rebranding in 2009; as a result customers became confused by the new look packaging and logo, causing sales to fall 20% and Tropicana to lose millions.

Done right, rebranding can drive your business forward.  It improves your brand perception through strengthening and reaffirming your identity and values; plus it gives you a great opportunity to start a dialogue with your customers… and talking with your customers is the best way to make those sales!


We’re always on hand to help you, so if you’d like to explore rebranding options, give us a call and we’ll work something out together.

PS. Have you noticed our new look?! More to come next week!


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