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Does this sound familiar?

You know you need to have your business online, but what is the point of a website? To provide an online ‘shop window’ for your business, right?

Well, like all physical shop windows, it needs to be enticing enough to quickly grab attention, pull buyers ‘off the street’ and into your business.

So what do you do when your website just isn’t capturing leads or converting visitors into buyers either?

Well, the tell-tale signs of an under-performing website could be a high visitor rate, but few sales, or a high bounce-rate (70%+)… so as a start point, go check your analytics and see what’s really happening (or we can do that for you if you like).

Next, what do you need to consider for your website to be successful’?


Here’s our top 5 suggestions to get you started:


1. Responsive Website

Is your website mobile friendly and responsive? If not, your non-responsive website will squish the whole site into a mobile screen, meaning the text will become extremely small and you have to zoom in and out as well as dragging the page around the screen – a pet hate of ours, and will definitely be irritating for your prospective customers too!


2. Clear Calls-To-Action

Your visitors could be coming to your website from loads of different places. Consider how your prospect found your website and the specific action(s) you want them to take when they arrive. Tell them clearly, with ‘signposts’, what YOU want them to do next, so they don’t wander about aimlessly and leave…


3. Visual Appearance

Let’s be honest, no one likes an ugly website. Just take a step back and think ‘do I honestly love how this looks and feels to use?’ Does it really appeal to the type of customer (personas) you want to attract? If the answer is no, your visitors will probably be thinking the same… check your analytics too, it might give you some clues.


4. Consistent Content

So your website may be beautiful to look at, but is it beautiful to read? Is your tone and language consistent across your platforms? Does it delight, excite or educate them? Because it should! Treat your website like a big piece of content and make sure it matches the content that leads your prospects to take action. Keep updating it too (blogging is great) because search engines need content to continuously feed on or they just won’t find you, and neither will prospective customers!


5. Lead Capture

Answer your target audience’s pain points with a free handy download, a 1-2-1 call or perhaps a webinar. People are suckers for free things, especially if it will help them in some way. Just make sure you put it behind a lead capture form so you have their details to follow up on whilst they’re still ‘warm’.


Your website really needs to start earning its keep, so make it work hard for you and your business! If you need any help going through any of the steps above, you know where we are!


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