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As you know, we’re living through very strange times, but we hope you are keeping well?

We wanted to keep you up-to-date with what we’re doing at Juicy to help our customers through… and it’s easy for us, we are all working from home, via our secure servers, so it’s normal service right now.

Unfortunately we’ve heard about other agencies and printers closing, some sadly for good; but with over 20 years experience it’s safe to say that Juicy is resilient, adaptable and agile. We’ve weathered tough times and recessions in the past (helped clients through them too), and Team Juicy is simply too stubborn to be beaten! 

So, in this time when your supply chains could be restricted, we wanted to help you get to know Team Juicy better, and how we’re still able to help you through, lock down or not.


Diane is our MD and driving force. With a background in direct sales and marketing, she never runs out of creative ideas to get you noticed. 

She also never runs out of chocolate or gin!


Alison adds her creative sparkle to all the projects she undertakes for our clients. 

Trained in Creative Design and with a keen eye for detail, Alison likes to transform theories into visual solutions. 


A digital geek, Adam loves to code, design and build fast and colourful websites for you; he’s also a keen runner… 

But not all at the same time!


Ellie is our digital all-rounder, who loves anything from making videos and memes, to writing creative copy and blogging.

Known for her sweet tooth, she’s always first in line for birthday cake.


Clare is our talented copywriter and marketing strategist (the wordy nerdy!) 

Heading up the Abergavenny office, she’s rarely lost for words and loves old Land Rovers. Yes, really!


Jerry is our bonkers digital specialist and super geek. He’ll wrangle your PPC, SEO and coding into shape. 

He loves all that ‘stuff’ nearly as much as he loves his hat and catamaran.
And we’ve also got our network of fabulous freelance specialists and suppliers – translations, voice-overs, video animations, print, and more – you name it, we can still produce it for you.

Remember, we’re here to help you, so let’s keep on marketing; plan for the future!


If you would like to add a little bit of love to your marketing, get in touch with the Juicy team today!


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