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It has to be Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

The countdown is on! It’s only 5 short days to go before Santa will take to the skies with his 9 trusty reindeer to spread Christmas cheer! (EEEK: are you off out late night shopping tonight?!)

Before you go, here’s a festive marketing thought… who immediately springs to mind when we say “reindeer”? Dancer? Comet? Blitzen? The truth is, most people think of Rudolph and his very shiny nose.

He really is the ultimate in market profile, customer recall and brand recognition.

We’d all like that degree of brand supremacy, but let’s face it, Rudolph has a seriously eye-catching USP, years of worldwide blanket exposure and the ability to appeal to the child in us all too!

He’s a difficult act to follow, but there are things you can do to make your brand stand out from the crowd without painting your nose red and learning to fly; so here are our top tips for seriously raising your profile in 2020:

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes… what do they see when they look at your company?

Still got the same old logo? Have you ever changed the shape or colours you use; updated your font or refreshed the style? Familiarity can be a good thing, but as the saying goes, it can also breed contempt. We rebranded this year to celebrate our 20th birthday… what better way to start the new decade with a bang?!

Does your collateral always look the same? Even simple things, such as a fresh new colour palette, some great new Calls to Action or a more modern website layout, can bring in more sales.

Is your design really working for you? Clever design drives people to take action, influencing them to do what you want them to… how does yours help you engage your customers and prospects?

Do you “big up” your benefits? Because if you don’t, who will? Boost your messaging, create some great headlines and taglines, and remember to use customer focused copy… think “you, your, yours” not “us, we, our”.

It’s often remarkably simple things which deliver great brand recognition

But you do need to create the ‘right’ things – and like many simple things, the skill is in the execution.

It can’t be all image with no substance: people see through that and the results could be disastrous for your business.Your brand needs to deliver the goods as well as the looks to win you the fans, sales and recognition you desire (just like Rudolph!)

Luckily, we can help with everything branding and design!

It’s our mission to give you a brand you can be proud of; and which truly reflects the way you do business. Our experts deliver eye-catching brand designs, create compelling copy to showcase your strengths and devise promotional campaigns which really raise your profile and deliver results.


Together, we can reinvigorate your brand, shake up your market and get you noticed in 2020!


Book your 1-2-1 call to see where the New Year could take your business!

Here are a few fun reindeer things for you…

Firstly, we challenge you to name all 9 of Santa’s reindeer – without Google!

Next, a fun fact: Reindeer have special noses with nasal turbinate bones which dramatically increase the surface area of the nostrils, helping them warm the incoming cold air before it gets to their lungs… so perhaps there’s something in the red glow after all?

A festive joke…

Rudolph: “Why are Dancer and Blitzen always taking coffee breaks?”

Santa: “Because they’re my Star bucks!”

And if you want to track Santa this Christmas, click the button below!


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