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Almost half of Brits and Americans have

reduced the time they spend on social media

Online fraud; lack of data security; alarming reports of distressing incidents; warnings about excessive usage; plus simply the maturing of the genre… factors which all seem to be having an effect on social media engagement, because…


Some 41% of Brits say they’ve decreased the time they spend on social networks over the last 12 months; 46% of Americans have done the same.  (GlobalWebIndex)


In terms of social media as a successful B2B marketing tool, it’s safe to say that here at Juicy, we’ve never been entirely convinced.  We are yet to see any evidence that social media activity delivers significant, tangible, positive results; or even sustainable intangibles, to be honest.  There are exceptions; we’ve created some very successful campaigns; but looking at the sector as a whole, it’s acknowledged that typical quantity and quality of leads is poor.


Millennials and post-Millennials have been considered one of the best audiences to reach via social marketing, but maybe not anymore?  They are disengaging more than any other demographic…

58% of Millennials and Generation Z have made a conscious effort to reduce time on social media.  6 out of 10 say they’ve decreased their time to ‘much less’ or ‘a great deal less’.  (GlobalWebIndex)

And in case you’re not sure, that refers to any of your customers and prospects who are aged 38 or under; perhaps older than you may have thought.


Now you may feel these stats relate to personal / consumer usage, rather than business or corporate activity, but the trend is gathering pace and research into business attitudes towards social media marketing shows a marked change…

Social media marketing ranks 2nd in the list of most over-rated tactics (Hubspot)

50% rate its effectiveness as ‘very poor’ to ‘only average’ (blog.getresponse.com)


So… do you include social media marketing in your B2B mix, or not?  Here are three options to consider:  

  • Embrace it! It’s here to stay, so if you’re not getting the results you want, then try changing what you’re doing.  If you’re stuck for new ideas, ask us!
  • Decide you probably need to include social in your marketing mix simply because everyone else does, so you can’t afford to be perceived as ‘out of date’. There are ways you can limit the resource it takes by using your content cleverly.
  • Choose the bold approach of ‘saying’ loudly, widely and repeatedly that you’re not on social media… and why you’re not… like those insurance companies you won’t find on comparison websites.


And then there are all the other digital platforms and techniques too… blogging, email, video, online promotions and more.  The right ones for your business and target audiences can be valuable additions when you’re creating a successful marketing mix.


Whether you choose to use it or not, you can’t afford to ignore social media…


So, for great insights on the best way to manage social and create the right marketing mix for your business in 2019, give us a call.


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