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Content: it’s the holy grail of modern marketing…..

But in this age of minuscule attention spans, teeming social media platforms and chronic information overload, how long is yours really effective for?

Let’s face it, good content takes time.  Whether you create your own or curate it from other sources, the time and effort required to produce regular, up-to-date and insightful content for your target audience is considerable.

You want it to be read, you’d like it to be appreciated, you hope it will be shared… and to deliver results, you need it to be ‘consumed’ by as many people as possible, so the longer your content ‘lasts’, the better your chances.

So, where do you put your content?

Because according to Marketing Buzz, content on social media is pretty transient:

Twitter – 18 minutes
Facebook – 5 hours
Instagram – 21 hours
LinkedIn – 24 hours
Pinterest – 4 months

These stats are for a piece of content in isolation, but your content strategy and output should be a continuous process, working overtime and across outlets to generate the maximum cumulative effect.

‘Working’ your content gives it the longest possible exposure; here are our 5 top tips:


1. Know where your audience goes for its content… this seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked, especially in the face of enticing statistics.  So if your audience isn’t using Pinterest, those 4 months are pretty irrelevant.


2. Don’t just rely on social media: use other outlets to add breadth, depth and longevity.  Think print and online journals, news media, downloads from your website, assets to offer via eShots (emails), exclusive content for loyal/selected customers: there are literally 100s of outlets for your content.


3. Re-use, re-purpose and re-cycle.  One single authoritative article can be transformed into 20 or more pieces of quality content.  You may see higher figures than this, but it’s not just about quantity: you need to maintain the quality or your content could be doing more harm than good.  And remember to update content if you’re planning to re-cycle back to it.


Only 55% of bloggers update old posts.  Those who do are 74% more likely to get strong results (Source: Orbit Media)


4. Schedule content release over time.  By re-purposing your content and using all your outlets over a set time period, you can maximise your reach and exposure for every piece of content.  Remember: take care not to stretch it out too thinly, or you’ll lose the impact.


5. Encourage shares; welcome curation!  Shares and curation increase reach, credibility and your expert image, so why not prompt people to do it?  A simple invitation to use your content, with a credit of course, is surprisingly effective.  Not “Please share”: it’s a little needy.  “Feel free to use this content, but please credit us when you do” is much more confident of its value.


Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content (Source: MassPlanner)

Get our guide to re-using, re-purposing and re-cycling your content here:

These are just five of the many ways we help clients maximise their content marketing: we’d love to help you achieve better results too.

To make your content go further, why not get in touch and book your complimentary 1-2-1?


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