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Motorola: Co-Branding Wizard Launch

When a client gives you permission to ‘push the corporate guidelines to the limit’ well, it would be rude not to!

The Co-Branding Wizard (CBW) project targeted Motorola’s channel partners, with the sole aim of driving them to use the free CBW marketing resource bank, as uptake had been very poor. Our brief was to educate, inform and inspire the channel to exploit CBW to the max, including booking a 1-2-1 training session via an HTML sales page.

From three design routes, our client selected the risky ‘break all the rules’ option, which proved a bold but brilliant choice. The channel loved it, the management team loved it and even the VP of Marketing loved it too!

In the 6 months before the campaign only 20 partners had used CBW; once the campaign launched, usage topped 400 in just the first two weeks!

Maybe it was the smiley badge which won them all over?



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