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Love is all around us… And so your business grows!

Call us cynical, but has Valentine’s Day lost a lot of its meaning and become way too commercialised?

When it comes to relationships, surely we should be looking after our partners every day of the year – and this is equally true of our business relationships too. Imagine only sending them something once a year; one letter, email or phone call… it wouldn’t work would it? They would think you were providing a pretty rubbish service and would probably ditch you!

And don’t just think you should always be selling to them either – giving is a great way to build and cement relationships. It proves you’re in it for the long haul, not just for the moment or the money.

So what could you do to start giving?

There are probably lots of things you’re doing that “fit the bill”, but perhaps you are not ‘packaging’ it to make the maximum impact with your clients and prospects:

❤ Free Consultations
❤ Whitepapers or hot/ relevant topics
❤ Useful hints and tips
❤ Helpful checklists
❤ Money saving information
❤ Benefits of products for tricky problems
❤ Useful giveaways
❤ Podcasts
❤ Free webinars
❤ Remembering birthdays and special occasions

You need to find interesting and innovative ways to package your love for them – and ensure they feel you are not just a sell, sell, sell type of company.

To be frank, customers aren’t really interested in you and your business at all – they only really care about themselves and the benefits your products or service can give them. So you need to see their problems, solve them and make sure they know they are valued, always!

So, think what you can do to start ‘giving’ and not just selling, and share the love with your customers! You might be quite surprised by the results…

And just to prove our point, as our Valentines gift to you, we’re giving away FREE 1-2-1 Juicy Marketing Kickstarter sessions!

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