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Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 26th March in case you had forgotten!). I’m sure we are all in agreement that mums really are the best, so here’s a gentle reminder to get down to the shops if you haven’t already!

If you’re anything like me, whenever I want advice I go to my mum! So, is it any surprise that ‘mum-powered marketing’ is a thing? Mums have a voice of authority, especially amongst other mums.

The ‘because I said so’ mentality is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. ‘When it comes to connecting with potential customers, there are few things more valuable than trust. Trust is an essential factor in every business relationship.’[1]

Mums talk to other mums and this can be utilised by brands using the Talk to Mums platform. Talk to Mums is a marketing network where mums meet products and trusted brand conversations start. They have a host of ‘Mumbassadors’ who can sample products, complete questionnaires, share details on their social media and even host events to promote products. Talk to Mums can help to increase the quality and reach of conversations and recommendations by 8-20 times. ‘Our platform is made up of mums (Millennial and Gen X) who love to know about the latest products and share the best ones with family and friends. Getting your product into their hands means they’re trialling and talking about it both online and offline.’ [2] All you need to do is signup, tell mums all about your new product and provide at least 100 free samples, vouchers, or event invites to distribute to the Mumbassadors!

So why is this so effective?

A recent survey by Hubspot showed that only 3% of the people surveyed said they considered marketers and salespeople to be trustworthy (in comparison to 1% of people who trust politicians, which really puts the stats into perspective!). Let’s face it, no one likes feeling like they’re being sold to. Word of Mouth marketing is key to every business, and who can we trust more than our lovely mummies?

Want to add a bit of ‘mum marketing’ to your mix? 

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[1] www.entrepreneur.com
[2] Talk to Mums


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