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Post-pandemic marketing… it’s about connecting and re-connecting

In a world which has experienced unprecedented upheaval, simply being responsive, understanding and considerate – giving excellent service and going that ‘extra mile’ – is helping businesses enhance their image and win new customers.  It’s not exactly surprising!  And it should be part of your ‘all the time’ marketing approach. 

With the help of the recent pandemic, Online marketing has taken over as the most popular way for brands to reach their target audience. Sure it’s convenient and it’s popular…..but does it stand out from the crowd?! Too much digital noise, social media fatigue and over-crowded inboxes are on the increase; making it far too easy to hit the delete button leaving your carefully curated digital marketing campaign sat inside someone’s trash can.


#3: All the time… because every impression counts!

We often say that ‘first impressions really count’, and they do… it’s a proven fact (simply Google the Halo Effect).  But every impression a customer or prospect forms of your company is vital.

I’ve had great service from an events company this week.  Despite actually cancelling an event I was eagerly looking forward to, that company has really impressed me and I’d happily recommend them (I have also thanked them, too, so they know I’m impressed).  Conversely, last week I needed to call on the services of a company I’ve relied on for many years, and their service was appalling.  The people were perfectly pleasant, but the systems and processes let them down.  The ‘customer support’ information was obviously automatically-generated data, and was so wrong I’d class it as lies!  Such a large organisation should be able to do far better.

But ‘all the time’ marketing is not just about customer experience, there’s loads of ‘active’ marketing you can do to help generate more leads too. 

Here are just 5 ideas from the 23 ‘all the time’ tactics in our updated Juicy Lead Generator, alongside loads more insights about other aspects of marketing too, all relevant for post-pandemic lead generation.

they work… simple as that!  Having an offline presence puts your brand on their desks, in their hands and in their heads – skirting around that dreaded delete button!

These are just 5 of the basics, from 28 offline tactics in our updated Juicy Lead Generator, alongside loads more insights about other aspects of marketing too, all relevant for post-pandemic lead generation.



1. Tier your offering: …a portfolio with entry level, mid-level and high-end options will appeal to a wider target audience and help you generate more leads. Loyal entry level customers often stay with their chosen supplier as they move through life and up through the portfolio… think ‘customer lifetime value’ – their orders and their recommendations too! ​



2. Follow everything up.…Up to 75% of leads can be longer term, needing quite a lot of ‘persuasion’ to convert them, but don’t fall prey to ‘follow up fatigue’ and drop them before they buy… that would be 3/4 of your sales opportunities lost!



3.Stress the benefits you offer​…for customers, it’s not about what you can do, it’s about what you can do for them!  So, for example, the most important message is not what your widget is made from, but that it won’t rust, will last longer and saves them money too.


4. Test and measure…We are surrounded (some would say overloaded!) with data, which means it’s far easier to monitor and review everything you do, measure the results, ditch what doesn’t bring in leads and do more of what does.


5. Keep it going…because now – more than ever before – if you stop, they’ll think you no longer exist!  Remember, it’s not just about reaching out to new prospects; your existing customers need to “feel the love” too, over and over and over again.

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Food for thought: 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services[i].


And yes, that’s getting back to experience, but marketing is all about creating the experience and environment which encourages your customers and prospects to buy from you rather than your competitors.  Think website helpfulness (which decreases those bounces), customer friendly systems and processes (is it convenient for them, or for you?!), even the readability and accessibility of your marketing materials (see tips 120-122).  Experience can make the difference between getting that customer lead or losing it to your competitors, so it makes sense to make sure yours is right!

Bonus Insight

Consistency is KING… whatever your ‘all the time’ marketing strategy and tactics are, being consistent is essential for success.  Yes, really!  If your messages or schedule aren’t consistent, you risk confusing or irritating your customers and prospects.  If your brand looks different every time they see it, you are diluting its potential, missing out on recognition and losing the benefits of brand loyalty and familiarity.  Maintaining consistency not only helps create a better customer experience but also helps build credibility, reputation and trust.  It also impacts your bottom line, because consistent brand presentation increases revenue by an average of 23%[i]… so it’s worth giving it some attention!

Look out for more blogs in the coming weeks, all about helping you make the most of your marketing.

[i] Lucidpress & Demand Metric survey

If you would like to add a little bit of love to your marketing, get in touch with the Juicy team today!

[1] Salesforce; State of Marketing report [1] Lucidpress & Demand Metric survey


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