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This week we’re taking inspiration from an old classic, A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts: Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. Scrooge learns a lesson from each Ghost, helping him change his bah-humbug ways.

So we thought it would be interesting to take a trip with the Ghosts of Marketing and see how much marketing has changed over the years… who knows, we might all learn something from them too!

The Ghost of Marketing Past

Cold calling.

While there can still be a place for cold calling (business dependent) it’s generally considered a marketing tool of the past. Customers like to be marketed to on their terms, which cold calling is not.

And if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a cold call, you can judge their success rate for yourself…

Random mass snail mail.

Direct mail has matured: it’s really working well right now, but only if you do it in the right way. Who can forget the huge backlash against junk mail, when marketing became a dirty word because unsolicited postings got completely out of hand?

So the lesson for this one is don’t ditch the mailings, just be sure you’re doing them right!

Keyword-stuffed content!

Because search engines have got it sussed! Todays’ algorithms can identify top quality, useful and popular information; which is why it’s important to provide content which your audience values and shares.

And please, no fake testimonials: reviews and testimonials are too important to mess with; they need to be trusted.

The Ghost of Marketing Present

Social media.

You won’t get very far without social media these days. Whilst it may not be your sole marketing channel, you really should have a presence on the platforms your target customers use.

Creating a coherent message which works for social and across your other mediums too is the key to successful marketing; focusing on quality engagement rather than likes is the way ahead.


If you’re anything like us, you’ll receive heaps of emails every day, but it’s still one of the most effective marketing methods for the present day. Your emails need to be straight to the point, and include images and/or videos and animated gifs to really stand out.

A catchy subject line will also help with open rates… why not check-out our round up here?

Responsive websites.

If your website isn’t responsive, you’ll be losing visitors the minute they arrive on your site via a mobile device… guaranteed! In fact, 94% of people judge your website on whether it’s responsive or not! If it doesn’t work on their mobile device, prospects will go and find a competitor’s site which does.

Not only that, but search engines now actively rank responsive sites higher than those which aren’t. So if you want your website to be found, and you want prospects to stick around once they’ve found you, then making your site mobile-friendly is one of the best and quickest ways to do it!

The Ghost of Marketing Future

Voice search.

Gadgets (Alexa, Google Home, etc…) are always high up on Christmas lists, but in the next year, marketers need to put them high on the SEO list too! 41% of adults use voice search every day and that figure is only set to grow.

You’ll need to ensure your SEO is optimised – the best way to do this is to use questions as titles and answer them in your website copy.


This is a big one! In print and website design simplicity is going to be everything. Customers want to get to the key points quickly and they definitely don’t want to be distracted by too much going on.

Having a simple, clean design enhances user experience, and in the case of a website, decreases load time which helps to keep your bounce rate low too.

Shoppable content.

Cutting down the time it takes from seeing a product to checking out is another trend that’s about to hit the big time.

Instagram already has a feature where businesses can add a shopping function to their posts, enabling users to click the product they want to buy and complete the transaction without even having to leave the app!

If you’re in retail sales, this is definitely one to consider!

There are plenty more future trends to talk about, and we’ll be covering these in depth in the New Year! Can’t wait ‘til then?

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Like Scrooge, we hope this blast through the past, present and future with our festive Marketing Ghosts has helped you understand a bit more about customer behaviour and the ways you can reach your prospects, both now and in the future!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, book your 1-2-1 with us!

And finally… our gift to you this week is another kind of Christmas spirit! Click here to reveal all (we promise it’s not a spooky one!)


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