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We have been going on about responsive web design a lot in the last two weeks, because IT’S IMPORTANT!! So last week we talked through exactly why it’s crucial that your website is responsive…

Unresponsive websites put you at risk of:

  • Missing out on traffic from mobile users
  • Potential damage to your reputation – first impressions are so important
  • Harming your SEO efforts
  • Increased bounce rates (as more and more sites become responsive)
  • Irritating potential customers if they have to keep zooming in and out

But oh no, we won’t let it rest there! To further prove our point, here’s two of the responsive sites we’ve created in the last month alone… aren’t they beautiful (on mobile too?!)…

Lime Tree Training

Our lovely and long-standing client, Alison, came to us with a new business venture. She needed a website created to promote her engaging and affordable Occupational Health and Safety courses and solutions. And of course, it had to be responsive…


HOT OFF THE PRESS! Cardmasters’ new website only went live at the end of last week! Cardmasters are the team to go to if you’re looking for bespoke cardboard packaging, direct mail and Point Of Sale (POS). For such a creative team, their website needed to be stunning on all devices…

Ok, we’ll drop it for this week, but if we’ve managed to sway you at all, please don’t hesitate to contact the team. We’d love to help you develop your website.

This Friday is Children in Need. As a business, we support multiple charities throughout the year and Children in Need is one of them. Please consider supporting this wonderful cause using the donation link below.


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