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And so, the Summer holidays begin!

They were designed to be restful, but in reality, they are filled with 6-weeks of trying desperately to keep the kids entertained and dodging the holiday traffic jams.

But you deserve a break and that includes some time away from your business. The good news is that you can keep in touch with existing clients and attract new customers whilst sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand.

Yes, that really IS possible using Inbound Marketing!

Think of inbound marketing like a magnet – you are trying to attract the right prospects to your website using clever content that solves their pain points. And once you’ve attracted them and captured their details, you can let automation do the rest!

Here are the 4 Phases of Inbound…

1. Attract

You want to attract the right prospects to your website who are most likely to become leads and hopefully, happy customers! But how do you get them? Well, you ATTRACT them with relevant, compelling content at the right time (which means when they are actually looking for it).


  • Blogs – educational content that speaks to your ideal customer and answers any pain points/ questions they have.
  • Keywords – customers usually begin their buying process by searching online, so you need to be showing up where and when they search!
  • Social Media – Interact with prospects on the platforms where they spend their time with relevant #tags and images

2. Convert

When you’ve got the visitors on your website, you then need to CONVERT them into leads by opening a conversation in a way that works for them:

  • Forms – your visitors fill in a (GDPR Compliant) form to access useful information or maybe a request a call back. Make sure the form is as quick and easy to fill in as possible!
  • Compelling Calls-To-Action (CTA) – Be clear what you want them to do when they’re there and make the CTA something that they will actually want. ‘Download a Free eBook’, ‘Start a Free Trial’ or ‘Get a Free Consultation’ are all great hooks – just make sure you use data capture.
  • Meetings – Give prospects an easy way to book a meeting with you when you’re back in the office. Calendly is a great tool for this!

3. Close

So, you’ve attracted the right prospects and have turned them into warm leads. Now it’s time to CLOSE the process by converting those leads into customers.

  • Emails – using automation software, once a prospect has clicked on your CTA, you can trigger a series of emails focused on useful and relevant content that helps to build trust with a prospect and help move them forward in their buyer journey.
  • Lead Nurturing – Each lead should be nurtured according to their interests and previous activity. Automation software uses branching logic to decide which content to deliver next based on the prospects previous actions.
  • Lead Intelligence – Automation software will keep all of the information about your prospect and their buyer journey. This may help you to tailor content/ offers to that lead at a later date.

4. Delight

Once your prospect has become a customer, you need to continue to DELIGHT them to turn them into promoters of your business and as ongoing clients too.

  • Exclusive Events – customers like to feel special, so why not invite them along to exclusive events or workshops where they will get a lot of benefit from attending?
  • Smart Content – although they are now customers, continue to tailor content to them and keep it personalised to their buyer profile.
  • Customer Service – your customers experience of your business will determine whether or not they will keep coming back – make sure you shine brighter than your competition!

Now, what are you waiting for?

Get yourself off on that well-earned break!

Juicy Recommended Automation Platforms:

Entry Level – MailChimp – https://mailchimp.com/features/marketing-automation/
HubSpot – https://www.hubspot.com/
ActiveCampaign – https://www.activecampaign.com/

If you need any help setting up automation flows or advice on inbound marketing, we’re here to help! Get in touch with the team today…


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