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Do you worry about these 3 common objections we often hear from marketers?

As a marketer, finding the right agency to become your trusted partner can be a daunting task.  We appreciate that because we’ve been there!  Which is why we use our previous ‘in-house’ experience to make sure our out-sourced services fit your needs.

But we know, through talking to clients, that it’s not always like that; so we’d like to give you our take on the three most frequent ‘worries’ we’re asked about…

Will Juicy ‘step on my toes’?

Absolutely not!  (How rude!)  It’s not about us, it’s about you: our job is to make you shine.  Creating great marketing which works for you gives us the buzz.  We work WITH you, as part of your team, to deliver what you want us to.  We listen to you, float ideas and suggest options when you need them, and create projects you’ll be truly proud of.

How do I know the end results will ‘excite’ me (and my boss/colleagues)?

This is a tricky one; because what excites you may not excite others, and vice versa.  Which is why we listen – and ask questions – before we do anything.  Our aim is to deliver marketing which achieves your objectives, exceeds your expectations and inspires and enthuses along the way too!  Why not check-out some of our projects to get a feel for what we do?

View Juicy’s Projects Here!

Am I going to get value for money?

We understand the reputation agencies have for being costly; let’s face it, some are!  Many operate an ‘Account Manager / Internal Delivery Team’ structure, but it’s expensive… so we don’t work like that.  With Juicy, you get direct access to our team of Director-level marketers and creatives (no sales reps, juniors or interns here!)  Which means you’re getting all the knowledge, skills and insights of a senior, professional team; plus every penny of your budget is spent on delivering your marketing, not our admin.

We’re proud to be able to make professional marketing available to all.

Still not convinced?  Book a 1-2-1  –  it’s entirely on us  –  and let’s see if we’re for you… you won’t know unless you give it a try!


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