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Here at Juicy we LOVE a good Direct Mail campaign. Call us old-fashioned but we think that there is nothing better than getting a nice bit of post (if there’s chocolate inside that’s an added bonus). That said, in an increasingly digital world, many people are sceptical of embracing traditional marketing methods.

We’re here to answer your questions and banish your worries about Direct Mail! By the end of this post you’ll be just as excited as we are about the possibilities of a fantastic Direct Mail campaign and what it can do for you!

Does Direct Mail work in a digital world?

In short, yes. Mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing, other than word of mouth. Unlike word of mouth, the success rate can be tracked, therefore proving ROI. In fact, Forbes have stated that 66% of Direct Mail is opened and 80% of these are read for more than a minute.

When considering these statistics who can deny that there is still a place for Direct Mail today, but that’s not the only reason you should consider using it in your strategy.

Does this impact GDPR?

 It gets around pesky GDPR rules! A lot of people have struggled since GDPR came into force earlier this year. How do you get your message across to potential clients and customers without email? The answer is Direct Mail. Not only can you easily find a business address,  it will likely also be public information. Hooray!

In fact, Royal Mail found that after receiving Direct Mail, ‘92% of people were driven to online activity, 87% were influenced to make online purchases and 54% engaged on social media’. All of which are legal under GDPR. 

What’s different about Direct Mail?

This is your opportunity to get creative! What would you like to receive through the door? From a simple and well-known postcard to a broadsheet style, the choice really is yours to stand out. Small details such as the feel of paper, card etc, the finish and size can all be unique to you.

How many people can it reach?

The beauty of a Direct Mail campaign is the fact that it can be as big or small as you like, depending on your budget, client base and what you are trying to achieve. Arguably, Direct Mail can be even more targeted than the average eshot, as well as being seen as a more personal approach.

Additionally, when using Direct Mail you have the ability to introduce A/B split tests to get feedback on multiple approaches. In doing so you can make alterations based on what your target audience resonates best with. For example, you could test:

  • Offer types
  • Headlines
  • Text size
  • Varied approaches to language
  • Imagery
  • Colours

And with digital printing – this has become much easier and more cost effective! 

How do I know if it’s working?

 Within your Direct Mail piece, there are many ways to track the success of the campaign. By embracing offline to online you can get the best of both worlds. There are a few clever ways that you can track responses without making to too obvious 

  • Add a specific code for a discount, freebie or similar that is only used on your Direct Mail piece
  • For a fun twist on a campaign why not create your own hashtag and encourage people to share on social media along with that hashtag
  • Point people to a landing page created for the campaign itself, in doing so you can monitor web traffic – you could even add a QR code!

Do you have some examples?

 Indeed, we do, take a peek at these that we have LOVED working on in the past.

As you can see Direct Mail is full of life and might just be the next step for you and your business! Want to use Direct Mail but need a helping hand?


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