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Here at Juicy, we completely understand the pressures you face. Most of the team have come from corporate backgrounds, and know the amount of plates you need to spin – it’s taught us some of the time-saving tricks that we use every day.

Lots of business owners and marketers know they need to get content out there but struggle with the time to sit down and write fresh content regularly. Most people post blogs on their company website intermittently at best.

How often have you gone to a company blog and seen the last post was published over a year ago?

If a customer sees out-of-date content, it really says a lot about your business. Your website is often the first point of contact, so it needs to be compelling and engaging, hooking the customer in and impressing them with your knowledge and expertise. And how better than a ‘thought-leadership’ piece on your blog?

If you’re the founder of your business, you must be an expert in your field, right? If you take the time to write just a few posts, there will be some content gold in there! So why just use it once?

At Juicy, we believe in the 5 R’s:

Plaster EVERY blog post across your social media accounts – this can help to boost SEO on your website! If your older content is still relevant, repurpose it slightly and repost! For example, we wrote the 12 top copywriting tips I’m about to tell you in August 2016 – but they’re still relevant.

  1. Know your audience– what are they passionate about? What job do they do? Where do they live? What do they NEED? The more targeted your copy is the more relevant and salient it will be to them. And don’t base this on assumptions. Regular customer research is vital in helping you understand your customers’ wants and needs.
  2. Create a catchy headline – use numbers, interesting adjectives, trigger words such as “what” and “how”; even promise something… for example:  “How you can become an accomplished copywriter in 24 Hours”.
  3. Keep copy clean and concise. Use regular hard returns – give your words space to breathe. White space makes copy appear less intimidating and easier to read.
  4. Use bullet points, sub titles and bold text to emphasise key points or paragraphs.
  5. Tone is key. Talk to them in the second person – “you”, “your”, rather than “they”, “theirs”. They then interpret your message as though it’s directed right at them personally, which resonates harder.
  6. And be positive. Avoid words like “should”, “could”, “perhaps” and “may”.
  7. Write in the present tense, not the past.
  8. Mind your adverbs – keep it punchy. If you want your writing to grab people, replace that adverb-verb combo with a single punchy verb. For example, instead of “she’s very mad” you could say “she’s furious”; or “adverbs are very, very good at weakening your writing” could become “adverbs sabotage compelling sentences.”
  9. Use the word ‘because’. “Because” is another trigger word. It lets people know they’re about to hear a justification – a reason why (“Which is why” is another good one too!)
  10. What’s your USP? Why should they buy from you? Make your call to action clear, concise, compelling and easy to spot.
  11. Check, check and check again – check your spelling and grammar – read it aloud, or ask somebody to read it back to you.
  12. Take your first draft, and then reduce it down by half – aiming for concise, whilst retaining all your key points.

You see, this only took me 15-minutes to write because I only wrote 1/3 of the text from scratch!

We live and breathe words and we’re always here to help. If you find the words just aren’t flowing like you want them to, get in touch!


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