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As I’m sure you can tell, branding is something we are VERY passionate about. First impressions count and you want prospects to remember you for all the right reasons.

So what makes a brand? Logo? Pictures? Furniture? Products? People? Brochures? Words? Offices? Shoes? Telephone manners? Packaging? Fonts? Coffee cups? Colours? Website? Company cars?

Would you be surprised to hear it’s all of them and more?! Anything and everything your customers come into contact with is telling them about your company, its values and aspirations; or in many cases, the apparent lack of them.

You’ll often hear us saying that your brand should reflect the way you do business. If it looks like you don’t care, then your customers will believe you don’t.

People still buy from people, and they also buy from brands which deliver a truly personal, genuinely caring, sharing and helpful service.


  • How are your telephones answered?
  • What does your shopfront, reception area or sales desk look like?
  • Do your people go that extra mile to be helpful?
  • What information do you make available to your customers?
  • How are your products presented?
  • Is all of your paperwork professional?
  • Does your packaging match your customers’ aspirations?
  • How do your staff dress?
  • Do your reps have clean shoes and cars?
  • Do you say thank you – or send your customers a thank you?

It’s all part of your customers’ brand experience and every member of your staff needs to buy into it, believe in it and deliver it; because if they do, it can transform your business.

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