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It Takes As Much Energy To Wish As It Does To Plan…

Trustpilot I don’t know about you, but I sincerely wish someone would wave a magic wand and solve the current madness; not very likely I know... not even at Christmas... so it’s time to stop wishing the ‘nightmare’ would go away and start planning to do something...

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Get Your Reindeer In A Row!

Trustpilot (OK, OK ...it should be ducks, but hey, it is nearly Christmas!) Christmas is coming and I don’t know about you, but we’re really looking forward to the break this year – time to relax, kick-back and re-charge our batteries. Now there’s a thought... Your...

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Pain Point #3 – One Word… DATA!

Trustpilot As if marketing data doesn’t give us enough of a headache, they had to go and announce GDPR. We’re not going to lie, it’s a massive minefield and we strongly recommend that you start looking into it. We can’t change it, but in true Juicy fashion, we are...

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Pain Point #2 – Sorry, I Don’t Have Time!

Trustpilot Like many job functions, marketing can be a constant juggling act. And if you’re a business owner who also acts as the Marketing Director, well we take our hats off to you. Time seems to be running away with us (can you believe it’s nearly 2018?!) and...

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Pain Point #1 – We’re Marketing To Goldfish!

Trustpilot Marketers - we're here for you. We completely get how frustrating our industry can be, and don’t worry, you’re not alone in your frustration. It may comfort you to know that many of the pain points you’re currently experiencing are industry-wide. But we're...

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JUICY SPOTLIGHT ON: Responsive Web Design Projects

We have been going on about responsive web design a lot in the last two weeks, because IT'S IMPORTANT!! So last week we talked through exactly why it's crucial that your website is responsive... Unresponsive websites put you at risk of: Missing out on traffic from...

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Is Your Website Responsive & Fit For Purpose?

As the year is slowly drawing to a close, you can guarantee 2018 will bring a new host of website design trends and functionality, but one trend that has been recurring over the last few years is responsive web design. So what does responsive actually mean? Well......

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Spotlight On: Juicy B2C Branding Projects

We love nothing more than getting our teeth into a big, juicy branding project. Over the years, we've worked with so many businesses both big and small to create beautiful and memorable brands. Although it's been REALLY hard to choose, we've selected a few of our...

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7 PR Pitfalls and How You Can Avoid Them

PR means many things to many people, but today we’re talking editorial coverage - words in newspapers and magazines - or on websites and blogs… those short eye-catching news pieces or lovely long articles which showcase all the benefits you offer to your prospective...

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Is Your Website Doing More Harm Than Good?

Once your website is live, with your homepage up front, there’s nothing more to do, right? Wrong! Things change - internal stuff like your people, products and services; external stuff like new market or industry trends, new web design and functionality, new...

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Juicy’s Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Blog

“Do I really need to blog?” is the immediate response of most people when we float the idea of blogging; and it’s a feeling which unites business people across the board, from start-up entrepreneurs to larger corporate clients. But if you’ve side-lined blogging, could...

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Is Rebranding The Right Thing To Do?

Rebranding is a HUGE step for you and your business which needs serious thought and planning. Rebranding could be anything from changing the public image of your business to a whole new name and identity, including your physical branding like product packaging etc....

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Optimising Your Business For Local Search

SEO is dull. There, we said it. But boring as it may be, it’s a necessary evil when it comes to your business. There’s 3 key areas in SEO: Organic - Natural placement on page without PPC or Local Local - Displayed under map with business details including star rating,...

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De-Mystifying Instagram for B2B

Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has overtaken Twitter and now sits in 2nd place in the Social Media stakes. In April, the social sharing site hit a huge 700 million active users per month, compared to the 328 million on Twitter. It is therefore baffling when we...

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5 Marketing Strategy Tips for a Killer Q4

The end of the summer holidays is almost here, so in the words of Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming. Yep, I went there. For many, the summer months (particularly August) can bring a slump in sales as no one is in the office! Everyone tries to squeeze in a few more...

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6 Great Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

In times of economic uncertainty, we need to be doing more marketing, not less. Marketing is essential for a company’s stability, growth and even survival. But we understand that your time is precious, so how can you possibly squeeze even more marketing into your...

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