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#BeforeTheInternetExisted was trending on Twitter all day yesterday. It made the team feel all nostalgic and Diane was telling me about how back in the ‘olden days’, Juicy used to operate with fax machines, floppy discs and post! As a Millennial, I have only ever experienced office life as we know it now – cloud storage, email and e-commerce.

In all seriousness though, the internet has taken over our lives, and we’ve all had to adjust our ways to keep up with it.

Take marketing for example; the emergence of social media and the search engine has transitioned us into the land of hashtags, snapchat filters, SEO and algorithms. New technologies and trends are constantly appearing and we need to adapt our marketing so we don’t get left behind by our competitors.

But are we too wrapped up in modern technology to concentrate on what really matters?

Here at Juicy, we believe that people stillbuy from people. We love meeting up with our clients for a coffee, or talking to them on the phone at the very least. The internet has created the ‘pop it to me in an email’ generation and we miss real human interaction!

Just take a moment to think about how the internet has impacted you and your business – what’s the biggest difference for you, how have you had to adapt and what do you miss most?

And …. Be honest, Is there anything you’d like to revert to?

If there’s things you miss, you can guarantee a lot of your customers will miss it to. Why not dare to be different and go old school with your marketing? You never know, you may become the trendsetter. Direct Mail is making a big come back so who knows what could be next…

Here’s our top 10 favourite tweets from yesterday:  

  1. #BeforeTheInternetExisted I’d shout out all my pointless opinions in crowded places and hope someone gave me a thumbs up
  2. #BeforeTheInternetExisted if you told your squad you Googled someone it meant something entirely different
  3. #BeforeTheInternetExisted two people sitting at the dinner table actually LOOKED at each other and SPOKE
  4. #BeforeTheInternetExisted the only trolls were toy trolls
  5. #BeforeTheInternetExisted when someone “followed” you. You ran!
  6. #BeforeTheInternetExisted going viral was a bad thing
  7. #BeforeTheInternetExisted microwaves cooked your food, reheated coffee and fried your brains, but they didn’t spy on you
  8. #BeforeTheInternetExisted when you got sent to your room it was a real punishment
  9. #BeforeTheInternetExisted I had to actually look things up in books with actual paper
  10. #BeforeTheInternetExisted you had to have an actual talent to be famous

If you would like to add the human touch back into your marketing, book a free 1-2-1 with Diane below!


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