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We came across a brilliant (and appropriately Valentine’s-y) quote last week…

“Marketing is like asking someone out on a date, branding is the reason they say yes.”

And it got us thinking about the similarities which marketing and dating share (like a dessert with 2 spoons… oh, the romance!)

Many happy couples use that old cliché: “It was love at first sight” to describe how they met, and in the world of online dating, appearance certainly plays a big factor in finding a match. With all that swiping left and right, you have just seconds to impress! Being realistic, how many people read the bios, and how many just swipe past based solely on the images? And that’s exactly what’s happening to your marketing, too!

So, does your marketing have the right kerb (or swipe) appeal? Is it ‘good looking’ enough; even ‘buff’?! And how does it attract people? Whether it’s your logo, your website, your digital marketing or your printed collateral, those first impressions are vital for engaging your audience.

In terms of dating, we’ve established you’ve got to show your date something that’s going to intrigue them.

Something to make them stop and find out more about you by showing them what you’re like. It’s all well and good saying you’re adventurous, but if they’re not actually reading your words, how will they know?

And in business, this means your marketing should demonstrate clearly what you do through its layout, your choice of colours and (obviously) its imagery and graphics.

Back to dating… once you’ve successfully grabbed their attention, your dating profile comes into play. Ideally, it should be brief but spark interest – this person should want to get to know you after reading it. Write something memorable, funny, or even a bit quirky in your bio and you should be onto a winner.

In business, your elevator pitch is exactly the same. It’s a snappy and compelling speech that makes people want to know more about what your business does and – most importantly – can do for them. And don’t just keep it for when you’re stuck in an elevator… use it wherever and whenever you can.

So… you’ve successfully matched and had the dreaded fist date.

And there’s a reason you continue chatting, or agree to more dates, after the initial attraction (their dashing good looks and witty banter in their bio): that reason is their personality!

Let’s say in their bio they made a point of being a comedy genius, but in reality, you haven’t laughed once over dinner and it also turns out they talk with their mouth full – you’d leave the date feeling pretty disappointed, wouldn’t you? They haven’t delivered on a promise and they just aren’t who they led you to believe they are. So, you’re going straight back on that dating app to find someone who does deliver!

In business, branding is the equivalent of personality. You can attract customers with an initial offer or problem-solving product, but to generate brand loyalty you’ve got to follow through on brand promises, maintain great customer service and build a relationship based on genuine values. It helps if you inject some personality into your branding too!

In the age of smart phones and even smarter technology, it’s not difficult to do: via social media, emails, even your website; so there’s really no excuse for letting your customers down!

After a few dates, things are going well.

But relationships take work. In the dating world and in the business world!

People often describe their most important factors in a relationship to be trust, honesty and effort. And those are key when it comes to your marketing too – you can’t just go on about how wonderful you are and hope for the best, you’ve got to prove it by putting in the effort and being transparent to earn the trust of your customer.

Your audience (like your other half) just want to know you care about them. Learn about them, their likes, dislikes, what they want, what they need… offer them something of value, and of course communicate solutions to their problems.

When the time is right, your customer will buy from you – and keep coming back to buy from you – because they trust you and you’ve shown you really care about them! Simple.

Online dating seems to be THE way to find love these days. All these apps are available at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to (hopefully) find “the one”. Your business is also ‘out there’, at the fingertips of your customers, so your online presence needs to give them a great first impression – because first impressions really do count!

If you’d like help getting your customers to fall in love with your business, consider us as your marketing Cupid! 

Book your complimentary 1-2-1 now to talk through your marketing conundrums – we’d love to help!

Finally, we’d like to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. 💕

And if you’d like to support a great cause, we love these tongue-in-cheek, charitable Valentine’s “Cards Against Cancer”, from Truant.


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