Because You Need To Feed Your Site To Make It Work!

So… you’ve got a website?  You probably spent a great deal of thought, time, effort and budget on making sure it looks good and says exactly the right things to entice your visitors to buy.  It should include all the appropriate elements, functionality and ‘tricks of the trade’ to do what you need it to do for you. 

Once it’s live on the web, you can just leave your site there and it will do its stuff, right? 

Errr… WRONG!

That’s a bit like having lots of lovely catalogues designed and printed, then hiding them away in a cupboard rather than sending them out to customers.  You need people to see your website; so how can you help make sure they do? 

It’s all about being as relevant as possible to the search engines, so when people search for what you do, they see your site in the results.

Amongst other things, search engines assess your site for relevant, topical and new content.  If yours ranks well against others, then it will show well in the search results; if it doesn’t, you’ll be languishing down the pages where no-one but the most dedicated surfers go.

New content is what search engines like to eat best: if you don’t fuel your website with new content, they have nothing to munch on and digest!

You could think of them as being a bit like teenagers: always hungry, bit of a short attention span, and easily bored.

But how can you keep adding new content without constant – and costly – website updates? 

One of the easiest ways is to add a blog to your website. 

Just one blog a week, posted on your website, is enough to keep the search engines’ hunger pangs at bay!  And when you’re writing those blogs, there are some tricks which help make them even more effective for your search visibility, including (but not limited to):

  • Using keywords and phrases
  • Remembering your categories and tags
  • Posing questions
  • Adding links
  • Including social sharing, such as ‘click to tweet’

Blogs and blogging are a huge subject.  Perhaps the most frequent question we get asked is: “Do I really need to blog?”  And yes, you do!  After that, typical queries include: “How do I get started?”, closely followed by: “How long should my blog be?” 

We’ll be covering these issues – and more – next time, in our Juicy guide to good blogging.

So if you have any questions about blogging and how you can get the most from your blog posts, do please send them to us before then; we’ll cover as many as we can next week.

But why wait?  You could get answers and get started, right away!

Simply drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back.

PS: another simple way to add fresh content to your website is to upload all your press releases to a news page.  Got to keep those search engines well fed!

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