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The above is an accurate representation of us on a daily basis! Our inboxes are rammed and we feel like we have nowhere to hide, but the tables have turned and people want you to post them stuff again!

66% of direct mail is opened in the UK, influencing 56% of those audiences to visit online and physical stores (Romax).

So how can you take advantage of direct mail and steal a march on your competition?


Here are our 3 sure-fire steps to direct mail success…


One mailer, one letter, one anything – one on its own just doesn’t work. Yes, you may get some response, but you’ll get far more from a well-planned series. Thinking about cost – because I know a series sounds like it’s going to be expensive – your campaign doesn’t have to be all ‘weighty’ mailing pieces.

You could mix and match your headline piece – say a box, some lumpy mail or enticing visual design – with preview teaser postcards, follow-up letters or even a coordinating graphic emailer (but just the one!)



So, you’re planning a series, but what are you going to say each time? The old approach… tell them what you’re going to tell them – tell them – then tell them what you’ve told them… still holds true; but in today’s ‘information age’, you also need to be more aware of developing your theme, building a story, enticing and engaging with people, so you’re actively walking them through to purchase.

Thinking about your business… what’s your story and how could you divide it up into chapters?



Generating responses with anything you send through the post is all about immediate impact – the sensation it creates when it lands on their desk or into their hands.

Lumpy mail is great for this; few people can resist having a quick squeeze to see what they think it is (or to try and remember what they ordered!). And hey presto, you’ve got their attention and engaged their curiosity; as long as the contents live up to the promise, you’re onto a winner.

There are many ways to create sensation: look, feel, smell, colours, finishes, shapes and lumps! And remember your words too.

Here’s just a couple of our DM projects: 

Personalised mail is really working, with 84% of people reporting that they’re more likely to open it if it’s addressed specifically to them! 

It’s also wise to send your mail so it arrives mid-week. As Monday’s are often spent trawling through email inboxes and other post, you’ll have more chance your piece gets read on a Tuesday – Thursday.

If you’d like some help pulling a Direct Mail campaign together, get in touch with the Juicy Team!


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