Many companies struggle with marketing (even the big ones!) We guide you through a proven process which helps you get it right.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions…

  • What can I do to grow this business?
  • How do I attract more of the right customers?
  • And get existing ones to buy more too?
  • Which modern marketing solutions should I be using?
  • What will work for us and our customers?
  • Where can I find a marketing agency which will take the time to understand our business?

Yes? Then relax… you’re in the right place now!

Every business and organisation wants to make the right impression on its customers, prospective clients, staff, suppliers and yes… its competitors too. In our overcrowded and ‘noisy’ marketing world, getting the right messages to the right people in the right ways and at the right time is absolutely crucial to your success.

We appreciate how challenging it can be; we know it’s often easier to immerse yourself in your business rather than working on it; which is where our knowledge, expertise and proven processes can help you.

Ours isn’t a standard, one-size-fits-all, silver bullet solution; because they simply don’t work. We work with you and your team to create the right marketing to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for, whether that’s via an entire outsourced marketing programme or on a stand-alone, one-off project basis.

Over the past 18 years we’ve worked with thousands of organisations, large and small, across the UK, Europe and the USA, with just one aim in mind: helping them to grow their business in the best way for them… and we can be your ‘fresh pair’ of marketing eyes too!

Would you like the insights you need for attracting more leads, more customers and more sales?

Check out these hints and tips, gathered from across our team (so they’re way more than just one lifetime’s marketing experience!) all specifically chosen to help you woo them, wow them and win them over again and again!


Angela from SuperWellness share her thoughts about working with us…

Our Story

Our company was founded by Diane Rivens in 1999 when she left the marketing agency she was working for, feeling that a) it was all about them not the customer, b) she couldn’t work the ridiculous hours required being a single parent of 2 boys under 5 and c) the agency was overcharging and under delivering!

Diane believed an agency built on warmth, passion and caring was an important alternative to the large, impersonal agencies which seemed simply ‘in it for the money’. So she quit her job, found an office to rent and Juicy Marketing (or Trilogy, and later Elixir, as we were called back then) was born. We had just one order from a long standing client who encouraged Diane to ‘go for it’… and they’re still a client today, which is testament to our ongoing service.

Back then, email was a new phenomenon and the marketing we created for clients was very different to now: brand logos, brochure design and print projects were the bulk of our work. In the early noughties websites were becoming popular too, so, determined to stay relevant, we continued to learn and adopt the very latest software and thinking; something which is as true today as it was back then.

We love new stuff and we’re always learning!

As a team, we work hard to keep up-to-date, relevant and at the forefront of modern marketing developments; it’s quite a challenge in today’s rapidly changing environment, but we love it, we live it and some even say we’re a little bit obsessed with it (us? Never!)

In short, our mission is to provide a friendly, dynamic and proactive service which helps businesses owners and marketing professionals implement and maximise the right marketing to grow their business.

So, if it matters to you, you can be sure it matters to us too!

Meet Your Creative Marketing Team

Diane | Managing Director
Clare | Director
Niki | Graphic and Digital Designer
Jade | Communications Manager
Jeremy | DIgital Marketing Specialist
New Team Member
New Team Member | Could This Be You?

We’re Hiring!

We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. If you have the right attitude, are self-motivated, disciplined, totally passionate about marketing and obsessed with going the ‘extra mile’ to deliver great customer service, then Juicy Marketing may just be the company for you.

Email your resume to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Philosophy


Because for us, it genuinely is all about you, your customers and listening to what you need!


We’re not here to make ‘us’ look good… we don’t have one eye on awards or plaudits… our focus is YOU.


Every project deserves good marketing. No matter how small or large your project is, you’ll get the same expertise, service and attention to detail.


We like to push boundaries, expand horizons, challenge the norm… it makes marketing exciting and exciting marketing!… but we’ll happily rein it in too, if that’s what you need.


…with a passion! The only way to do great work is to love what you do: and we all LOVE what we do! We get a real buzz out of transforming your marketing; making a real difference; delivering great results.


Because laughter really is the best medicine (and gin!)  We may not take ourselves too seriously, but rest assured we take your business and the quality of everything we do for you very seriously indeed.

There’s loads more we could say, but why not just give us a call on 01256 335 622 and find out what we’re like for yourself? As we often say: “People buy from people”… we hope we’re your kind of people!

Diane and her fab team have delivered a highly acclaimed website and launch campaign.


Very responsive, timely, always go above and beyond brief.


They delivered a really great result. I'd thoroughly recommend them to anyone.


Always willing to challenge the status quo and treat me like a colleague not an anonymous “client”.


Innovative, original & up-to-date are the key elements I’m looking for when working with a marketing agency & they tick the boxes every time.


Diane has incredible energy with every project, very professional with lots of thinking outside of the box.


I would, and do, recommend Juicy Marketing to anyone who needs a solid, creative and friendly agency to work with on everything from the smallest project all the way to full company rebranding...


They are professional, they get back to you, they are friendly and will complete anything you ask them to do.


Their advice has been invaluable – it’s realistic, workable, practical and most importantly achievable.


They provide valuable advice on all aspects of marketing and communications...


They were always more than happy to help, often suggesting things that I had not considered which has proved invaluable.


Over a number of years Juicy have provided exceptional advice, quality content and the highest professionalism...


Quick effective turn around, expert knowledge and excellent service.


With The Current Economic Uncertainty, It's Essential You're Doing More Marketing, Not Less!

Ensure you're always ahead of your competition with powerful, persuasive
and profitable marketing.

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With The Current Economic Uncertainty, It's Essential You're Doing More Marketing, Not Less!

Ensure you're always ahead of your competition with powerful, persuasive
and profitable marketing.

Get started with your FREE 3-Step Guide to Lead Generation: Online, Offline and All The Time. This guide includes lots of tips and tricks to help you boost your business! 

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