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This year has seen social media take on many new trends, with platforms releasing new features and making regular changes to their algorithms (in normal people speak – their code!). The uncertainty of the past year has left people wanting users and brands to be more ‘real’, meaning live video streams are an asset that is becoming more and more relevant.

However, the leading lady on the social media stage continues to be Instagram Stories – with over 500 million users DAILY! This once again proves the speed at which marketing is moving, and how quickly we are all able to adapt to new trends if we have the right knowledge and tools. These 9 Social Media trends will keep you in the loop of what’s new and improved this year – meaning you can utilise tools (and us) to ensure your business is at the top of it’s game.

1. Authenticity will take centre stage


With brands and consumers facing a global pandemic, many have seen uncertain times and major world events have been paused. It is now more important than ever that truthful brand identity is at the forefront of marketing.

Brands committing to their more human side on social media will create more trust, and a business people can identify with, and in turn invest in. People want to associate with brands who deliver on their promises!

2. Live streams more popular than ever


Once again, we have the pandemic to thank for this trend! A natural evolution within streaming came around after numerous events were cancelled globally, and people took to social media to create an online experience that people could still enjoy – regardless of their location.

Live streams create a space for people with similar interests to enjoy content, where they can engage with the brand and each other simultaneously! Being able to interact with brands live has become the norm and continues to be enjoyed by people from their comfy sofa! With the popularity carrying through into the second half of 2021, it seems this trend isn’t going anywhere!

3. Stories as its own content format


With 500 million daily Instagram story users, it is now more imperative than ever for brands to take a more organised approach with their content calendars, adding stories as its own format and creating content especially for it (don’t worry, we’ve all been guilty of repurposing feed content before).

Although the tap-forward rate is high on stories, research has shown people prefer watching video content on their stories and watch stories before scrolling their feed. With 51% of brands currently using stories to share their content, you can’t afford to not have them built into your wider marketing strategy.

4. Video content being large and in charge


Video is generally seen as one of the most engaging content types, and this rings even more true on social media.  Therefore, it’s more beneficial than ever for brands to get on the video train. Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn have taken the time to massively ramp up their video capabilities – so marketeers can expect high video consumption to continue to grow over the coming years!

5. Purposeful brands will go viral


With the world placing a greater emphasis on brand activism, marketing campaigns now need to align with current trends, issues or societal topics that resonate with your target audience.  A new global study by Forbes revealed that people are no longer just ‘brand loyal’, and therefore advertisers have to work harder for their brands to stay relevant. Firstly, this means you need to ensure you are up to date on global news trends! But mainly it means that your next campaign needs to be a vehicle for your brand to demonstrate its commitment to the environmental and social issues that people care about.

Although social media has always shouted these causes, they have gained a larger spotlight over the last year. A Twitter survey showed that 77% of people feel more positively about brands that support society, and 74% of people like brands who are involved in random acts of kindness. So start using your marketing to get involved in society, and your local community will love you!

6. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) will be the main conversation, especially on LinkedIn


The year 2020 wasn’t all bad! It was the year people found their activist voices on social media, which forced many brands to pause, reflect and take time to create action for improvement on diversity and inclusion.

Transparency in brands is important and consumers crave to see this through social media, with LinkedIn being the perfect stage for a business to showcase all the amazing CSR work they’re doing! LinkedIn marketing gives business owners an opportunity to encourage a wider reform beyond Instagram feeds and stories. A very exciting social shift!

7. Social shopping


As if we needed any more temptation to go shopping, it’s now easier than ever! As businesses have started to shift online, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have developed more online marketing solutions. They took the leap and brought shopping functions directly to the app, so you can purchase that bag you’ve had your eye on without even having to click off Instagram!

This merge of social connection and online shopping allows people to connect with businesses easily, and they are loving it!

8. A crave for snackable content


It can’t be denied that our attention spans are starting to shrink – and maybe we have the rise of short-form content to thank for that! With TikTok and Instagram Reels gaining massive popularity over lockdown, it seems brands have followed suit and are beginning to create ‘snackable’ sized content to sell their brand.

The key to creating great short-form content is to get your message across concisely, using strong imagery and cutting out all those extra details us marketeers love to add! If you would like some help creating short but engaging marketing videos, you know where to find us!

9. A change of tone in conversational marketing


Although conversational marketing isn’t new, this year the tone of digital conversations might change. Most of those household brands we know and love are now more accessible, with consumers being able to connect with them via social media. This has meant your target audience wants to see a more human side to your business – and feel they can relate to you as people! We are strong believers in the fact that this human interaction and using an inviting tone of voice in your marketing leads to more sales!

Utilising these 9 Social Media trends will help you make the most of your marketing strategy, creating a more authentic brand with a greater purpose. With social media constantly changing, one thing we are looking forward to seeing is brands taking positive actions for a better world!


If you want a bit of Juicy help in making the most of your social channels, then get in touch and let us do what we do best!


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