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Facebook has a whopping 2.41 billion users per month. 2.41 billion…! This means that business pages are more important than ever with such a huge audience to go after. But how can you really make the most of your page?

Facebook Business pages can be tricky to run, and getting engagement is even harder. We’ve compiled some tips to help you get yours up-to-scratch…

1. Make sure it’s a proper business page, not a personal profile

This means you will have access to all of the additional tools including paid promotion, content creation and insights/analytics. Also, a personal profile requires potential customers to add you as a friend rather than follow you. You want your page and content to be accessible.


2. Don’t post to the wrong account!

When you’re posting content to your personal page, always double check which account you’re sending to! We’ve all been there with funny videos or cute pictures being shared to our business/employers’ page. Your customers may not see the funny side to the video of your mates’ drunken antics…


3. Keep the page on-brand

Avoid using stock photos for your profile picture. You want both existing and potential clients to recognise you and your branding, so use your logo or product images. Be creative with your cover image too.

4. Add a contact button

Make it super easy for your prospects to get in touch with you. You can also add call-to-action (CTA) buttons, such as ‘book now’ or ‘sign up’.


5. Complete your ‘About’ section

The ‘about’ section is one of the first places they’ll go to find out ABOUT your business. Use this to tell them why you are the best in your market and include any key milestones or awards to back it up.


6. Use analytics to learn when your posts perform best

This will depend entirely on your target market, but the analytics tool will determine what time(s) and day(s) you should be posting your content. If you’re focusing on B2B, it’s unlikely you’ll have the best success on a Friday night. Also monitor what type of posts work best for your audience – images, questions, polls, long/short posts etc.


7. Utilise the targeting and promotion tools

These enable you to really drill down on your target market and to generate relevant leads. Just make sure you’re offering something that is compelling to your chosen audience. Be wise when using these tools though, if not done correctly they can be expensive with little ROI.


8. Keep an eye on all of the comments

Although you can block bad language, sometimes inappropriate comments make their way onto your page. Ensure these are deleted and whoever posted them is removed or blocked from the page. Also respond to any negative comments or questions! You’ll earn brownie points when you engage with your customers, even if it’s a simple ‘thank you’ if they post a nice comment.


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