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One of the hardest parts of managing the social media accounts for your business is having to continuously come up with fresh content ideas! Not only do you have to pique your follower’s interests, but you also have to attract new people and convert leads.  We know how exhausting this can be, but luckily you have us to help! See below our top 7 creative tips for improving your business’ social media marketing.

1. Run a competition

 Whilst social media competitions are no new phenomenon, they continue to hold the top spot when it comes to content marketing engagement drivers. However, there is such thing as a poorly done social competition.  Ensure that you are clear about the rules (nothing worse than a customer feeling hard done by!), that the prize is relevant to you and most importantly, that you get customers to complete an action to enter. The best way to do this is getting them to tag friends in the comments of the post and requesting that those friends follow your page. This increases your engagement and followers, whilst spreading the word – winning all round!

2. Do interactive Q&A sessions on stories

One of the reasons people love Instagram so much is because of its conversational nature. People love connecting with brands and feeling like they’re having a two-way conversation.  A great way to tap into this desire is to give your customers a place to voice their questions and get to know your brand on a more personal level!  The ‘ask a question’ sticker on Instagram Stories is a fun way to encourage your customers and followers to ask questions related to your services, products, or brand in general!

3. Partner with another brand

A great way to utilise someone else’s network is by partnering up with another brand (one that isn’t a competitor of course!). Look for businesses that have a similar audience and beliefs to yours and create some content together that will really spice up both your pages! This could be a joint promotion, webinar or even some sort of product bundle! Both companies reap the rewards as they get to promote their business and tap into a new pool of followers!

4. Post about current events

The kind of content that is relevant to what is going on in the world will never disappoint! Whether it’s about summer holidays, a major festival in your local area, pop culture news or even a political issue (tread very carefully here), why not piggyback on what’s trending and use it to your advantage?  If there is a buzzing conversation around a topic already happening, then you can add some of your own content to get a piece of the action without having to create it!

5. Run campaigns across all channels 

Cross-channel marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread your content across multiple audiences and save yourself the extra work! This could be as simple as sharing a link of your Instagram posts to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, or advertising your social accounts in your newsletters, print marketing and adding social buttons to your website! This ensures you are regularly posting on all channels (how efficient!), and that new audiences are always finding your social profiles!

6. Encourage user generated content

As a society we are increasingly becoming more hesitant to trust brands, meaning that online reviews and your brand reputation are becoming more and more important! With something this vital to your business, you can’t just leave it to chance.  Encourage customers to post content about your products and services by inviting them to share why they love your brand.  Resharing this content also helps fill your social calendar with real life moments!

7. Amplify reach through look alike audiences

A great social media marketing strategy doesn’t purely rely on organic content to reach wide audiences. If you’ve gone to the trouble of making this amazing content, then why not get it seen on an amplified level with some paid boosting behind it? Facebook’s Advertising Manager is great at developing look-alike audiences for you based on similarities to your target audience! The easiest way to do this is to upload your database onto your Ad Manager, ask it to identify accounts with similar demographics and wait for the magic to happen!

So, now you’ve got some exciting new social content ideas, why not explore how team Juicy could help you with your social media marketing strategy? We can even lend a hand creating share-worthy content! Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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