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Post-pandemic marketing… with longer-term benefits too

As we work our way out of lockdown and restrictions towards the ‘new norm’ (whatever that may be), we’re getting a lot of questions at Juicy about what’s best in terms of marketing. It’s important to make the most of any opportunities you have right now; and if you can do that whilst adopting marketing practices which deliver longer term benefits too, then that’s even better!
Which is exactly what this mini-series is designed to help you with: tactics to boost your online, offline and ‘all the time’ lead generation marketing, now and into the future

#1: Online … because it’s really come to the fore!

In a crowded online world, it’s important to use digital marketing well. These are just 5 of the basics, from 56 online tactics in our updated Juicy Lead Generator, alongside loads more insights about other aspects of marketing too, all relevant for post-pandemic lead generation.

1. Make your website earn its keep Now, more than ever before, your website is your ‘shop-window’.  And website design doesn’t stand still.  It’s constantly evolving, adding features which can do more ‘stuff’.  Just for starters: does your website look great on all devices?  Does your content build links?  What’s your user experience like?  And is it delivering leads?  Because your website should be doing all this, and more! Food for thought: 75% of customers admit to judging a company’s credibility based on its website design[i] 89% of them are unlikely to return following a poor experience![ii]
2. Use auto-responders to keep in touch When you get a website sign-up (think gated download, special offer, webinar registration, ‘keep in touch’ series, blog subscriber, etc.), you have a ‘warm’ lead.  Now is the time to start building a relationship, and pre-prepared auto-responder emails are a great help.  They can swing into action immediately, with planned follow-ups over time, keeping you in touch and responsive, even during holiday periods.
3. Send regular eShots too It’s important to keep in regular contact with your customers and prospects.  If you stop communicating, customers are far more likely to think you’ve gone out of business than they were before!  And whereas it was taking an average of 8 ‘touches’ to get your first conversation or meeting with a prospect pre-pandemic, it may well be more now.  eShots help you maintain your profile with customers and increase your ‘touch’ rate with prospects.
4. Use social media LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and more. However you feel about social media, it’s free (for the basics, anyway), it’s interactive, and its worldwide business influence has grown enormously during the pandemic.  Think of it as online networking… choose your platforms and groups, and as your activity builds, then your reach will grow.  Social activity can be a great help for organic SEO on your website too (see Tip 44 in the Juicy Lead Generator).
5. Check your online reviews and feedback Hopefully they all be glowing reports!  But online does seem to be the place to moan (even if it’s unfounded), so if you do get an adverse review, always, always respond positively.  Never get into a confrontation, appear defensive, or sound dismissive.  Handled well, you can turn a complaint around and gain a new ally, and maybe win-over some of the ‘online onlookers’ too. Food for thought: 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review[i]… but are you even asking your customers for reviews?

Get your Juicy Lead Generator today

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If you’re struggling to reach new customers, try focusing more on the ones you already have, and the ones who have previously done business with you, too.  What can you offer them, what would help them out, how can you reconnect and stay connected, can they recommend you to others?  Loyalty, familiarity and a little kindness and consideration are proving powerful drivers for success right now.
Look out for #2 next week … all about offline marketing. And #3 the week after that … ‘all the time’ strategies and tactics to weave through your marketing. And as always, if you’d like some help or advice with anything ‘marketing’, please don’t hesitate to call or message us, we’d genuinely love to help you

If you would like to add a little bit of love to your marketing, get in touch with the Juicy team today!

[1] Stanford Web Credibility Research [1] Gomez; Why Web Performance Matters [1] Qualtrics; Online Reviews Statistics to Know in 2021


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More successful tactics for your post-pandemic marketing!

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