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Out with the old and in with the new!

After 2020 brought us a year of uncertainty and challenges, the annual flip to January has really emphasised the importance of looking forward.  Times are strange, businesses are sadly failing, and without active marketing, your customers and prospects really could think you’ve gone out of business… which is why staying visible and keeping in touch is more important than ever.



So what better way to kick-start your 2021 marketing schedule than with some new resolutions?

1. Be authentic

With our lives becoming increasingly virtual, now – more than ever before – your customers and prospects are craving something real and genuine.  Honesty and authenticity are truly valued.  In this new world of digital and remote working, the key is staying true to who you are; sharing knowledge and experience(s) which will genuinely benefit your audience; and giving great service.  In turn, your business will benefit.

2. Keep it personal

In this digitally driven world, your customers and prospects are constantly bombarded with information… who can blame them if they start tuning out?  Don’t we all, especially if we don’t find it personally relevant to us?  So make sure you have a personalised marketing strategy, using techniques and approaches which interact with your audience in a relatable and personal manner.  Remember: people buy from people.

3. Ssssh…..Listen

Taking an active listening approach helps you understand your customers’ needs, wants and expectations; and can guide you to the right marketing and business decisions.  By listening, you are showing you value your customers, which ultimately helps grow your business.  So analyse those analytics, review those reviews, respond with positivity… and if you take action or make a change, use your marketing to tell everyone!

  4.​ Keep it visual

As we find ourselves immersed in screens and surrounded by digital technology, it’s important to remember that human beings are wired for visual content.  So, as your customers are human (robots haven’t mastered buying stuff, yet!), then to help boost your engagement, your marketing needs to be visual.  Visual content attracts a larger audience and is far more likely to be shared on social media too, so it’s a win-win.

 5. Get your content game face on

Make creating more and better content one of your 2021 marketing goals!  Keeping your audience informed, engaged and entertained helps maintain your ‘visibility’, positions you as a go-to supplier, and increases your chances of drawing customers back.  Blogging is a great way to consistently post relevant content which engages existing customers and attracts new ones too, so let’s blog, blog… and blog again!

On that note, we’ll end this blog… but there’ll be plenty more from us in 2021!

And if you’d like some help and inspiration with your specific marketing challenges, simply get in touch.  The Juicy team is bursting with ideas!


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