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A very Happy Halloween from all of us here at Juicy!

Whether you’re going all out and have your own Haunted House or you’re enjoying some of the sweets you were meant to be saving for the Trick or Treaters (guilty!), we thought we’d give you some treats too!

In the spirit of all things Halloween, we want to share with you 5 tips that will give you the best possible web presence – spiders not included. 🕷

Spooktacular SEO

Arguably, the most important element of being online is making sure that you’re making the most of Search Engine Optimisation – this is how you are ranked on search engines. The top spot is, of course, the most sought after and no one gets there with witchcraft unfortunately!

There are many ways to boost your SEO, linking to older and new blog posts and pages within your site,  getting Google Reviews for local searches and ensuring you use your keywords as much as possible are all great ways to give it a boost. Want to know more?

We wrote a whole blog to help you out.

Chillingly Creative Content

Marketing is all about being creative and you want your content to show off your knowledge and expertise. The more creative and relevant the content, the more memorable the campaign – meaning you’re more likely to get noticed.

Creating a variety of content for your brand will provide you with those all-important links back to your website, increasing your traffic and ranking. Remember the 5 R’s – Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Rinse and Repeat. Download our top tips here.

Scarily Brilliant Social

Social media is everywhere, so make sure you use it to your advantage. By using various platforms and media, you can easily link back to your site and increase traffic. Using social also boosts your name and brand, making you more recognisable.

There were some fearsomely fantastic brand campaigns in 2018 for Halloween – holidays and national days are a great way to get involved and get noticed!

Boo-tiful Images

Not only do they look great – images will boost your engagement and interactions. You could have the most interesting piece of content ever, but if it’s simply a big wall of text it won’t get read.

To brighten up your posts you could add relatable stock images, infographics or icons to brighten your content. You can also re-use those images in eshots, social media posts and more to give your brand consistency.

It’s true what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words! Try our favourite site Pexels for free images!

Wickedly Responsive Website Design

There’s nothing more terrifying than a non-responsive website! Not only does it date your site but it also means that the information on your site is more difficult to read and will irritate your potential customers. 60% of users don’t trust a website if it’s not responsive! If that doesn’t frighten you this Halloween, we don’t know what will!

With over 50% of your web visits coming from mobile devices now, it would be scary (even frightening) to miss out on that many people viewing your site! A responsive site will also boost your visitors, and won’t scare them off! Read our top tips here.


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