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Whether you’re just starting out with e-marketing, or are a seasoned pro, you’ll be aware that it’s one of the easiest and cost-effective methods of marketing – if done right!

When it comes to marketing, the single most important thing is to be where your audience is. With over 50% of the world’s population owning email accounts, and the average person checking their emails every 37 minutes, it seems there is nowhere more imperative for your marketing messages to be than in their inbox!

We know how frustrating it can be when you craft a beautiful email, but it just doesn’t bring in results. Therefore, to help give some direction to your email marketing strategy we’ve outlined the 5 most important emails your business should be sending! If you nail these, you’ll be regularly engaging with your audience in a meaningful way that converts into sales – we promise!

1. The Welcome Email

Everyone loves a warm welcome! Not only does this email act as confirmation that they have successfully signed up to your subscribers’ list, but it gives them a good first impression!  It doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s best to keep it simple and easy to read, whilst also providing a perk. The perk can be a link to extra reading materials such as your blog or a discount code to really ensure they start off by engaging with your brand.
Bonus: adding a touch of personalisation to the email, such as their name in the subject line goes a long way! Remember, you’re inviting them to be a part of your network.

2. Email Newsletter

You’re probably already familiar with monthly email newsletters and have signed up to those of other businesses! It’s a tried and true way to keep your subscriber lists engaged with your brand, and up to date on all your new services, products and features. The best way to begin is to choose a frequency that you’re positive you can maintain. There is no point in deciding to send weekly newsletters if you know you won’t have enough time or content to fill them with relevant information! To really drive those conversions, make your newsletter snackable. Keep the information bitesize and brief, with buttons that drive audiences to your website for more information!

Additionally, when it comes to media, why not try mixing it up? Offer videos, images, how to guides and more – your click through rates will thank you.

3. New Product or Service Announcement

Your existing customer base are what we call warm leads – you know they are already interested in your products! This means that they can be a great driver of revenue when you have new ones available! Keeping them in the loop through sending email announcements is a proactive way to show your customers you really do care about solving their problems and helping them! Plus, it drives traffic to your website which no marketer complained about, ever.

Make sure you always use clear and direct call to action buttons and compelling images that sparks a desire in readers to see more!

4. Survey Email

If you want your business to grow through understanding your customers’ needs and frustrations, then surveys should be your best friend. And where better to collect responses than through an email to the people who already know your business.

To get the most out of this email, try to include an incentive. It doesn’t have to be anything large, just offer something such as a 5% discount on future purchases, entrance into a giveaway or free shipping to encourage folks to complete the survey. It’s also vital to ensure your email contains a clear, obvious link to the survey itself – you don’t want people missing it!

5. Win-back email

A win-back email is a slightly different to the emails listed above. It’s something you might choose to send to people who have subscribed to your mailing list but sadly have never actually purchased anything from you! The goal of this email is to encourage them to become an active customer, and therefore it must be very persuasive! This could be with a special offer, testimonials or an offer of personalised customer support (only if you have the capacity to fulfil it of course!).

To really start seeing the positive results of your efforts, consider automating these campaigns so that you can maintain a consistent pattern of communication, and save yourself lots of time.


If this has you excited about the power of a good email marketing strategy, but you feel you still need a little help with automation or audience segmenting, then get in touch and we can use our email experience to build a fool-proof e-marketing strategy.

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