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The 2018 FIFA World Cup ‘kicks-off’ today, so naturally the Marketing World Cup is kicking-off too!

According to Zenith, The World Cup is set to boost global ad spend by $2.4bn, so we are taking this opportunity to look at the marketing/advertising campaigns coming out of some of the world’s biggest brands.

Somewhat of a trend seems to be emerging where brands aren’t actually focusing on promoting their products (imagine being that big, huh?) but are focusing on charity, mental health and generally ‘the feel-good factor’.

This is called ‘Brand Purpose’ which reflects a businesses values and beliefs (yep, more jargon…)

Paddy Power Packs A Punch

Paddy Power is tackling Russia’s anti-LGBTQ policies head-on and will aim to challenge prejudice on and off the field by donating £10,000 to LGBT charities for every Russian goal.

Even if Russia doesn’t score, Paddy Power has promised a minimum of £50,000.

The donations will help footballers to ‘come out’ and fund educational programs in schools and colleges. This bold and hard-hitting video is definitely worth a watch.

F&F and CALM Bring Humour To Their #MarkYourMan Campaign

Tesco’s F&F and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) have joined forces to promote male mental health awareness in the UK.

The #MarkYourMan campaign features comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett, and is designed to encourage men to support each other through good and bad times, just like they would their football team.

The campaign encourages men to open up and support each other and aims to highlight the difference between the emotion men are able to show on the pitch (whether playing or watching), compared to in real life.

Qatar Airways Uses Music As A Force For Good

Qatar Airways has teamed up with Nicole Scherzinger to deliver a campaign designed to have football fans dancing their way through The World Cup.

Qatar Airways’ Chief Executive, Akbar Al Baker believes, ‘music is a force for good’ and that’s it’s one of the most powerful tools for uniting humans ‘because it transcends language barriers.’

Vivo Focuses On The Importance Of ‘Team’

Last but by no means least, Vivo has launched a global campaign to demonstrate the power of ‘pep talks’.

The campaign advocates the belief that ‘everyone can be extraordinary’ and it calls on people to seize moments of opportunity to be extraordinary in their lives.

Brand purpose is a huge trend this year with consumers becoming ever-more conscious. These businesses have showcased how to achieve the perfect balance of values, product and brand in order to deliver a powerful marketing campaign that appeals to the modern day consumers.

So, who do you think has won this round of the Marketing World Cup? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

But enough about other brands, let’s focus on you! If you’d like to create your own marketing campaign that will score with your clients, get in touch with the Juicy team today!


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